Thursday, December 3, 2009

Trying not to buy? who am i kidding?

I have been trying to only buy things that i need, rather than things that i want... but i failed. I found this glass bowl, $4 and of course had to have it... will work out later where i will put it. It just makes me happy

then, i found this cot sheet, and turned it into this,

from this pattern.

its one of those cross over dresses, super easy to make, but very difficult to take a decent picture lying flat.

and here are my boys with my gingerbread house... not sure how long it will last in this house.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

material madness

Onceagain, things have been quiet here. Ive been house sitting for the last week or so, so quiet on the op shopping front.

For christmas this year, i have been attempting to make things for people for christmas.
Here is benny holding mums beach/pool bag. Made from oilcloth, and lined with red linen serviettes, from Lions club oppy, i think it looks cool. So cool, that im def going to make one for myself, as i have been using this one non stop to cart all the kids stuff about.

On Tuesday i stopped at Hornsby Salvation Army Oppy and came back with this lot of material. all the small pieces were 50c, and the big piece, which is a curtain was $3.

as you can see i whipped up a pair of shorts for benny. Its lovely and thick cotton material, and i think they are pretty good looking shorts. The sort that i would buy if i saw in a shop. Unfortunately i didnt have any elastic, so they are draw string, or should i say draw shoe lace! at the moment.

My gorgeous model.

and here is another little bag i zipped up with the oil skin, with lining made out of a $2 tablecloth from Berowra.

Today is thursday, today is one of the good days (although every day is a good day) to go to the op shop as the ladies churn out a lot of new stuff into the shop...