Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooler Bag for Tupperware lunch boxes

I must admit, i do like a bit of tupperware. I particularly like these lunch boxes, the ones that have 4 compartments in them so i can pretend that i am organised. I have had these since the kids were very little. One thing i have never had is a small/medium size cooler bag to fit them.
Every one i find is neither long enough, or if it is, it is far too big.

Yesterday, a package arrived in the post of some of that Insulbrite stuff, used to keep stuff hot, or cold, or to use in oven mitts etc... So i grabbed some of the oilcloth that i have, found some binding, and gave it a go.

Was quite happy with the end product, but have decided that it definently needs a zipper, to make the most of the heating/cooling properties of the Insul-brite stuff. Have found one exactly the right length in my mess of a craft box, so it was meant to be. Will do that when the kids go to bed tonight.

It also fits, along with the lunch box, both kids drink bottles in them.

Very happy.... just dont look too close. It has my signature sewing all over it!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ikea, i love you....

For those that know me, and have been to my house,will know, that i have a lot of "stuff". Most of the "stuff" is not necessary, and just seems to go from one room to the other with no real home. This year i have decided to do something about it.

Yesterday Tom and I went to Ikea,. tom into the ball room, and me armed with my list, a pocketful of cash, and a trolley, and off i went.

I ended up with the Expedit unit below, and bought the extra inserts to make doors and drawers.


I walk into the bedroom and just look at it, then go out again . I truly wish i had taken a before photo. It was appauling.

The only downside is that putting Ikea furniture together, by yourself, is hard work. My hands are really hurting. but its all worth the pain for what i ended up with. Of course now im walking round the house trying to decide where else i can put one of these!!!!.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hats,... I think i like them.

Todays hat even has interfacing in it to stiffen it up. Not yet lined,as im still trying to work out what the best way to line a hat is with minimum effort.

The material was from the op shop, $3 for about 3 metres.

I would never buy this for any other reason. Its just not my style. But for a boys hat.. Its cool to the MAX. well so says the 5 year old

Perhaps the next one will be for me?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$47 Dollars. What does that get you at the Op Shop?

Here we go.
1 pair of leather Mary Jane style shoes.
1 Ben Sherman blue top. (its a size small, but i actually wanted it for the buttons on it. It was 2 dollars.
1 CHarlie Brown black and whitedress.
1 x Red skirt, which i want to use the material to make into a sun hat for me.
Some brown grey black and white cotton material to make some sun hats.
2 x sun hats to use as templates to make into hats (can you tell im on a hat craze)
1 pack of kids coathangers
2 packs of self covering buttons.
3 school shirts
7 pairs of school shorts, (i bought one pair from the school clothing pool and it was $20. These are exactly the same!!!!!
a book with loads of pics of Avoca Beach. Just the thing for the Inlaws coffee table.
Grand Total $47.
The feeling that i get from all that thrifting... Priceless.

Sewing Surge

Yesterday, when we were leaving Monday Craft, Jo showed me a gorgeous handmade hat that she had bought for her boy. As a lot of handmade things we see, we all thought it was gorgeous, but we all thought, we could probably make that. Most of the time, i dont make them, but today, I thought i would give it a crack.

The material, was a set of curtains, from the op shop, $6. Love the material. Every time i see curtains in an op shop that i love, on further investigation it will be by "Austfield". I have accumulated loads of Austfield material, just waiting for the right project.

my very unwilling model.

My sewing machine is in a bad way at the moment. The pedal is broken, so you have to turn the machine on and off to sew. Tricky,.. also the bit that holds the cotton on, has broken off, so im using an allen key, sticky taped to the back of the machine. Its one of the reasons i havnt sewn much.

I didnt use a pattern, just winged it. Think it worked pretty well. Next time i might even put lining in it.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monday Craft

YAY, monday craft has re-started.

Today, there was not a huge amount of crafting going on. Three of us, plus 5 boys, 5 and under. It was fun.

Jo made some bean bags for her boy to play with. Here my boy is giving them a good workout, and contrary to how this photo looks, it didnt hit him in the head.

Of course, Monday craft would not be complete with some 100% healthy and nutritiously sound food. mmmmm

MMM,.. well, i had to include this one.. Here's me out in the rain, testing out the new wrap skirt, that started its life as a vintage tablecloth..a huge tablecloth, its oh so comfy and just the thing for doing a rain dance.

I might be overweight, but look at those leg muscles!!!!

and here is the end product. An extremely comfy wrap skirt. Thanks Cathy for the tip on how to tie it. Button hole and ribbon working a treat.
How difficult is it to take a photo of yourself wearing a skirt. I tried a zillion times.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Op Shop Safari!

What a day we had.
It was great fun.
Here are a few pics of the day, and no i didnt buy that bowling ball, but it was a bargain at $3, thats if you need one.

Photos are not in order, sorry,.. This one, with me and the bowling ball is Berowra Lions

A pair of shoes at Lifeline

Love this. Its a curtain, but i have great plans for it.

Jo, Ben and Mr horsey, who came home with us! at Salvos Hornsby

and best of all Salvos was half price of everthing, all day.
We plan to hit the Blacktown op shops next month. all welcome.! details to follow.