Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doona cover to pajama pants

A week or so ago i bought from the op shop a double doona cover, for the material. I had no idea what i was going to make from it, until last night a girlfriend said that perhaps a pair of pajama pants would be a good thing... so thats what i did this morning. Talk about super comfy. Found a pattern on the internet and took me about 20 mins. Havent pressed the seams yet, too difficult to get the iron out!

Went to the op shop yesterday and got a lovely new shirt and tom got himself a new bob the builder swimsuit.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Look what i made - booties!

Ok, so its boxing day and the op shop is shut. what is a girl to do? Get the sewing machine out whilst i have a very rare chance to and make something with the material that i have been getting from there.

I am very excited. I like to sew, but i like instant gratification, and i dont like stuffing around. Here is what i have made this morning, and since the picture i have made the matching pair. I dont have elastic to put in them at the moment, and i couldnt be stuffed getting the iron out to iron the creases, but you get the idea. I am so pleased with the result. What do you think?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, and not eat too much, but have a wonderful, safe, happy time

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today we went for a walk up to the shops via the op shop , of course. We were a bit early so ben and tom entertained themselves by making a train out of the boxes that were outside the shop. Tom even thought that the huntsman spider that was in the box was pretty cool as that was his pet going for a ride.

Only a quick look today, as we had old man reg, who by this stage had had enough of waiting, and was barking a bit, so we got a great big container of marbles, which incidentally are all over toms floor. mmm that might be a bit of a hazard in there. Not game to have a look. We also got a Dr Seuss book and a swimming bubble for benny, still in its wrapper.
total today $3.25!

Should mention that today i am wearing my black shirt, denim pedal pusher jeans, black slide sandles, a christmas brooch. $8.50 outfit.
OK so i went to the op shop twice!.. had to pop back up the street to get some fruit, and seeing as i didnt have the kids, thought i would have another look. Found this wonderful double doona cover, in this fantastic print which i will use to make something with. not sure what but i think its wonderfully groovy. There are the marbles, and just had to post the bag, while not an op shop purchse, i love so much its worthy of a picture in here.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another day, another bargain.

Yesterday i went to the op shop without the kids, and had a wonderful hour in the storeroom of the shop rummaging through three huge containers of material, as i was intending to go to a girlfriends house to do some sewing. THe sewing never happened but i did get the most wonderful bit of material, and just the whole having an hour to myself to look was great. It really is the thrill of the hunt isnt it.

I also scored a great pair of shoes. They are old people shoes, homey peds, but the thing with homey peds is i think they can be pretty groovy. Quite a few times when ive been out i have seen some ladies in their 80s wearing shoes that i would wear. These ones are navy blue , never worn with the price of 89.95 still on them.. got the material and the shoes for $6 all up. Now thats a bargain.

10.30 am - 23 December

Just back from the best op shop in Berowra and here is todays bounty.

1 black sussan top.
1 purple sussan top
1 fushia sleevless polo shirt
1 pair of aqua long shorts
1 pink skirt
1 ralph lauren babies body suit
1 gold pair of shoes.

total $17 dollars. Admittedly the pants are a bit small, but i have a long term plan for that. I will post a pic but it very difficult to do the lot justice.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Op Shop and I

Ive started this blog mainly because a friend of mine suggested that I do. I am very much into buying most of my clothes, and the family clothes from the Op Shop. I LOVE it. Financially its a really good thing to do, but also i love getting a bargain, and what better way to fulfil your shopping needs, get that wonderful shopping feeling you get when you buy something, but also can do it without spending a fortune.

The Op shop i go to, every day just about on our daily walks, is fantastic. It is only tiny, but it only has really good quality stuff, all washed before they put it out.

This week alone i have managed to buy 7 pairs of shoes, summer sandles/slides for a total of $22. I also buy all the kids clothes from there, plus if i see things that i like in girls clothes, i always buy them, and then give them to my girlfriends who have girls. How could you not when most kids clothes cost $1.50.

Today i am wearing a black button up shirt, a pair of capri style jeans and a pair of blue and white thongs, all from the op shop, all for a total of $7!

This week also i managed to buy for andrew,for $3. a ben sherman shirt, brand new with the tags still on it. Now that was a good buy. It does help that i am there every day doesnt it.

Also i mentioned to them that i wouldnt mind some doilies, mainly with a friend of mine who is very crafty and she can use them for crafting, and the next day they had 40 or so of the things there for me. I also got four bags of tapestry threads , each with about 10 different colours in each bag, so about 40 different colours, for $6 .

Some of my friends get a bit sick of me going on and on and on about my bargains, but truly, its a part of my life now, a part that i really like, and am not going to give it up ..... not while theres still space under this roof . Good thing that we are getting an extensions..