Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A long time coming.

My goodness its been a long time between posts. Not that that is any indication of how often i go to the op shop. More probably because my husband was in china for 9 weeks, so to say that it was busy here, would have been an understatement.

Lots has been going on. Lots of buying has been going on.

First up, i needed some new jeans as, thank goodness, i have lost some weight, so off i go to the op shop, hoping they have some in my size, and would you know it, i had 4 to choose from. They are target brand but nearly brand new. v.v. happy

I bought this Perri Cutten winter jacket 100% wool jacket for $5. I know what is not a good colour for me, but what the heck, at that price i can look stylish for at least one day.

This material. There is about 3 metres or so, its very light weight, great for a beach coverup, for next summer $4

These snowboard boots, perfect for the man aboutthe house $5

and here are my boys, very patiently waiting for their biscuits to cool. T is helping them along there, B just looks over it all!