Wednesday, March 25, 2009

im back for good now!

YAY i have my computer back... It was quite dire for a while there. no computer, and apparently it was in a very bad way, but they revived it, ... just as well really, because like a lot of people, ive been a bit slack with the backing up. not any more i say.

Today at the op shop, it was a GOLD day.

1 sportscraft, brand new with tags on it, linen mens shirt, for my brother
1 table eight hot fushia coloured linen shirt for my mother.
1 pair of bike style exercise pants for myself. very timely seeing as i have the personal trainer today.
1 tickle me elmo doll. which both the boys love. This toy was $8 which is a bit above my budget, but i used my winnings frommy stratchie i got for my birthday. AND
the best black had, the sort you wear to the races, but i wore to the supermarket instead, which you do. Lots of looks at that one!!

Now im back into the swing, i will take some pics to add on here too. YAY. im so happy ive got my computer back.

Friday, March 13, 2009

im still here

just to let you know that i havent fallen off the face of the earth. ive been without a computer for more than a month, and i should get it back tomorrow.

so many wonderful things that i have got fromthe op shop lately, which i will fill you all in when im back on line.

see you soon