Thursday, May 28, 2009

What we have been up to.

Our mothers group has organised to take our families to the snow this year, to get our kids out on the slopes to learn to ski. My job has been to buy kids ski gear. I have been doing this probably for about 5 months or so, and so when K asked if i had much kids ski gear, i really didnt know. After having a look, we were both laughing as I had bought 8 kids outfits.!! i know its great that the kids have at least 2outfits, but 8 is a bit of overkill! Oh well, better to have too many.

Here is a pair of ski pants i picked up from Epping Vinnies for $5. very happy with that one.
My next mission is to get gloves and hats, as many pairs of gloves as possible, as there is nothing worse than an unhappy child who has wet and very cold hands.

After being at Jo's Tom and i did a bit of craft. Pencil holders, outof old cans, and wrapped in material fromthe op shop. The dark blue spot one is an old dress fromthe op shop that i bought because i loved the material.

Here is a COlombia mens rain Jacket, for andrew $6. Very happy with this one.

and lastly, my benny in a pair of leggings which mum is making for him, with wool bought from the Oppy Shoppy. Cute eh.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Jo Effect

After spending a very lovely morning with my friend Jo, and talking about craft, thrifting, the usual, and about how everyone else seems to find the time, so why cant i? I have decided to take action.

I have put both the boys in the one room, which is working really well, which means that we have the study back, but more to the point, it means that i can have my sewing machine up on the table and permanently out..... of course i need to clean the room out and that will take a long time, but for me there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

bearing this all in mind, seeing as i didnt get a mothers day present, i took it upon myself to order some books from the book depository, in england. better and cheaper than amazon, and have ordered two books. One that Jo has called "bend the rules" and the other one called "Zakku" or something like that,whihc i had read about in another magazine. Cant wait for them to arrive, so at least i can read about doing something crafty. One step at a time.

Anyway at the op shop today i got two patterns... both for girls, but i have lots of girlfriends with baby girls, so it gives me an opportunity to fulfil my girly crafty ideas.

and then this wonderful single sheet, which i intend to make some jammie pants for both the boys... so soft but i really like the pattern.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yeeeeee haaaar

This is todays buy from the Oppy. a pair of Nine west cowboy boots... $3. Now wheres my trusty steed....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its been a while...

I know i know,,... its been ages since i have posted, which is in no way any indication of me going less to the op shop. its just a time thing. How do people find the time. I dont find time do to anything but try to keep the house running, oh and of course going out for coffee with my girlfriends!!! anyway, here are a few things ive found recently.

Elmo.... both the boys love this one... He was 5 or even $8... more than my usual budget, but how can you say no to elmo. he dances and laughes... makes us all laugh. thats priceless.

I bought yesterday a Tupperware alfresco jug $2.00and a pair of Micam shoes... possibly for my friend Katie, but she can be very difficult to buy for... if not, anyone else out there want a lovely pair of pale pink low heels.. if they were my size i would be keeping them for sure... They were $2.00 as well

and just because i couldnt help it. My dining room table... Trust me, its in there. Why is it in photos mess looks better than it actually is?