Sunday, May 10, 2009

Its been a while...

I know i know,,... its been ages since i have posted, which is in no way any indication of me going less to the op shop. its just a time thing. How do people find the time. I dont find time do to anything but try to keep the house running, oh and of course going out for coffee with my girlfriends!!! anyway, here are a few things ive found recently.

Elmo.... both the boys love this one... He was 5 or even $8... more than my usual budget, but how can you say no to elmo. he dances and laughes... makes us all laugh. thats priceless.

I bought yesterday a Tupperware alfresco jug $2.00and a pair of Micam shoes... possibly for my friend Katie, but she can be very difficult to buy for... if not, anyone else out there want a lovely pair of pale pink low heels.. if they were my size i would be keeping them for sure... They were $2.00 as well

and just because i couldnt help it. My dining room table... Trust me, its in there. Why is it in photos mess looks better than it actually is?

1 comment:

  1. Cute shoes! Wish they were my size.

    Look forward to the "after" photo of your dining table. :)