Thursday, May 28, 2009

What we have been up to.

Our mothers group has organised to take our families to the snow this year, to get our kids out on the slopes to learn to ski. My job has been to buy kids ski gear. I have been doing this probably for about 5 months or so, and so when K asked if i had much kids ski gear, i really didnt know. After having a look, we were both laughing as I had bought 8 kids outfits.!! i know its great that the kids have at least 2outfits, but 8 is a bit of overkill! Oh well, better to have too many.

Here is a pair of ski pants i picked up from Epping Vinnies for $5. very happy with that one.
My next mission is to get gloves and hats, as many pairs of gloves as possible, as there is nothing worse than an unhappy child who has wet and very cold hands.

After being at Jo's Tom and i did a bit of craft. Pencil holders, outof old cans, and wrapped in material fromthe op shop. The dark blue spot one is an old dress fromthe op shop that i bought because i loved the material.

Here is a COlombia mens rain Jacket, for andrew $6. Very happy with this one.

and lastly, my benny in a pair of leggings which mum is making for him, with wool bought from the Oppy Shoppy. Cute eh.

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  1. The tins look fabulous, as do the leggings!!

    8 ski outfits?? They will look the part.