Saturday, October 10, 2009

Really! would have thunk it?

Night Nappies? you wouldnt think that they were that hard to buy would you? Both coles and IGA had sold out, and i was not going to buy a whole pack of large nappies, which tom hates wearing, just so i could put a night nappy on him for one night. Can you believe that i got 3/4 pack of night nappies fromthe op shop???? i nearlyfell over when i saw them there.

I made this very cute kids size messenger bag last night. Ben refuses to wear it, but tom does to put his trains in. Very funny sight. What was even better was that i attached the strap using my press machine... aaah i love that thing

some more material

can see a boy bag being made out of this

a pair of lonsdale boys sneakers for $2

and two single racing car sheets.... bliss

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doona cover to tote bag and a little bit dipsy

Benny loves the Teletubbies,.. I found this Dipsy at the op shop for $3 and he has not let go of it since i gave it to him. You think he likes it?
My friend Kath gave me a pattern for a picnic tote bag. I have started it using an old doona cover, and the pink material is an old sheet. Unfortunately the sheet has a bit too much polyester in it so it makes it "walk" when you sew it, so i will
have to re do the straps before i line it. Ilike it though

Monday, October 5, 2009

More material from the Oppy

Interesting way to put my pictures... how did i do that?

No matter... Today i got from the Op Shop a Pippi Longstocking video . How could i not??

This lovely blue fabric which will be excellent to use as a lining for one of my bags.
Jo, this picture is particularly for you. My material was SO out of control, shoved here there and everywhere, that i decided to use a picnic basket that tom bought at the op shop once. It now houses some of the material, with the rest organised (for now,) in a plastic container.
And last pic is of my new messenger bag in progress... what do you think?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My first messenger bag sewing adventure

Here is my first attempt as sewing a messenger style bag.

I made up the pattern by looking at a bag that i already had, then used some ikea kids paper, to cut out a pattern. I have lined it with a co ordinating fabric and put a pocket for pens, a phone, and keys. I am so so so happy with it. I can see a few more being made for christmas presents.

The only thing is that i didnt put wadding or interface in this one, as i just wanted to make it to see how it turned out, and i didnt have any, but i know the Op Shop has a big wadge of fleece wadding which i will buy on tuesday when it opens... oooh i cant wait.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Star Gazing

Today was a great day at the op shop.
Got this ENORMOUS telescope. $6 ... can you believe it. it is missing the eye piece, but we have a spare one from another smaller telescope that we have, plus it needs a few screws put in the legs to keep them up....

This gorgeous purse, which was 50c and when i opened it, it is a Marimekko original coin purse....

and then this Diana Ferrari dress, which if was my size i would be keeping, but decided that it couldnt stay in the shop... i found a friend who is a size 10 and who loves op shop stuff!!!!