Saturday, October 10, 2009

Really! would have thunk it?

Night Nappies? you wouldnt think that they were that hard to buy would you? Both coles and IGA had sold out, and i was not going to buy a whole pack of large nappies, which tom hates wearing, just so i could put a night nappy on him for one night. Can you believe that i got 3/4 pack of night nappies fromthe op shop???? i nearlyfell over when i saw them there.

I made this very cute kids size messenger bag last night. Ben refuses to wear it, but tom does to put his trains in. Very funny sight. What was even better was that i attached the strap using my press machine... aaah i love that thing

some more material

can see a boy bag being made out of this

a pair of lonsdale boys sneakers for $2

and two single racing car sheets.... bliss

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