Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello... anyone still remember me?

Ive been so slack! Life just seems to rumble on at such a pace/. Op shopping continues. I did go through a bit of a "i must be more frugal " but how can you be at an op shop? anyway, here are some things i have bought recently.

Isnt this the best material. about 3 metres for a whopping $2

i love this material... $1.50

and this $1.50

also got some black boots ., lovely leather ones, that i think i will give to someone who is lovely to me!
I have been really inspired lately by a blog, sorry, dont know how to make it look nice... but anyway, its excellent. She buys an outfit for $1 and rejigs it for her. and is d0ing this every day for a year... oh, would love to do this if i was her size, and had her ability!