Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new year,..

2010, a new year.

I have been very slack posting this year. It has been very busy and only 0ne month has passed. So much has happened. Our beautiful dog Reg, had to be put down on New Years Day. It was quite traumatic. He was 14, nearly 15. He was around long before the kids. He put up with the kids, he loved us all unconditionally. I miss that dog.

Andrew is away in China at the moment, and has now been for 5 weeks. Its been fairly full on with the two kidsand looking after the house. Things like trying to get the lawnmower going, which andrew woudl fix in 2 seconds, becomes a drama....

anyway its now february, and this is what ive bought today.

Benny checking out the tub of Mobilo, $2. quite a few of the connector pieces have been chewed, but most are fine, and ben is enjoying himself there.

a wooden marble run game, which i know is an Aldi brand... but it was still in the original plastic bag inside $2

pack of nappies... yes i know they are girl nappies, but for day time, who cares particularly when they are $5

a tablecloth in this funky print with dresses and tops all over it . have visions of turning iit into a skirt or a tunic.

and this little shoulder bag which i made at craft morning at Jo's