Friday, December 19, 2008

The Op Shop and I

Ive started this blog mainly because a friend of mine suggested that I do. I am very much into buying most of my clothes, and the family clothes from the Op Shop. I LOVE it. Financially its a really good thing to do, but also i love getting a bargain, and what better way to fulfil your shopping needs, get that wonderful shopping feeling you get when you buy something, but also can do it without spending a fortune.

The Op shop i go to, every day just about on our daily walks, is fantastic. It is only tiny, but it only has really good quality stuff, all washed before they put it out.

This week alone i have managed to buy 7 pairs of shoes, summer sandles/slides for a total of $22. I also buy all the kids clothes from there, plus if i see things that i like in girls clothes, i always buy them, and then give them to my girlfriends who have girls. How could you not when most kids clothes cost $1.50.

Today i am wearing a black button up shirt, a pair of capri style jeans and a pair of blue and white thongs, all from the op shop, all for a total of $7!

This week also i managed to buy for andrew,for $3. a ben sherman shirt, brand new with the tags still on it. Now that was a good buy. It does help that i am there every day doesnt it.

Also i mentioned to them that i wouldnt mind some doilies, mainly with a friend of mine who is very crafty and she can use them for crafting, and the next day they had 40 or so of the things there for me. I also got four bags of tapestry threads , each with about 10 different colours in each bag, so about 40 different colours, for $6 .

Some of my friends get a bit sick of me going on and on and on about my bargains, but truly, its a part of my life now, a part that i really like, and am not going to give it up ..... not while theres still space under this roof . Good thing that we are getting an extensions..

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