Monday, December 22, 2008

Another day, another bargain.

Yesterday i went to the op shop without the kids, and had a wonderful hour in the storeroom of the shop rummaging through three huge containers of material, as i was intending to go to a girlfriends house to do some sewing. THe sewing never happened but i did get the most wonderful bit of material, and just the whole having an hour to myself to look was great. It really is the thrill of the hunt isnt it.

I also scored a great pair of shoes. They are old people shoes, homey peds, but the thing with homey peds is i think they can be pretty groovy. Quite a few times when ive been out i have seen some ladies in their 80s wearing shoes that i would wear. These ones are navy blue , never worn with the price of 89.95 still on them.. got the material and the shoes for $6 all up. Now thats a bargain.

10.30 am - 23 December

Just back from the best op shop in Berowra and here is todays bounty.

1 black sussan top.
1 purple sussan top
1 fushia sleevless polo shirt
1 pair of aqua long shorts
1 pink skirt
1 ralph lauren babies body suit
1 gold pair of shoes.

total $17 dollars. Admittedly the pants are a bit small, but i have a long term plan for that. I will post a pic but it very difficult to do the lot justice.


  1. Homy peds are definitely way cool!!

    I am so sorry our sewing day did not happen, I am still feeling a bit yuk, but so far no-one else semms to be getting it. Look forward to seeing the material you bought.

    Mmmm..... Ralph Lauren baby suit, sounds interesting.

  2. Bens wearing it today, underneath his farmer joe overalls... of course they were from the op shop too!