Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today we went for a walk up to the shops via the op shop , of course. We were a bit early so ben and tom entertained themselves by making a train out of the boxes that were outside the shop. Tom even thought that the huntsman spider that was in the box was pretty cool as that was his pet going for a ride.

Only a quick look today, as we had old man reg, who by this stage had had enough of waiting, and was barking a bit, so we got a great big container of marbles, which incidentally are all over toms floor. mmm that might be a bit of a hazard in there. Not game to have a look. We also got a Dr Seuss book and a swimming bubble for benny, still in its wrapper.
total today $3.25!

Should mention that today i am wearing my black shirt, denim pedal pusher jeans, black slide sandles, a christmas brooch. $8.50 outfit.
OK so i went to the op shop twice!.. had to pop back up the street to get some fruit, and seeing as i didnt have the kids, thought i would have another look. Found this wonderful double doona cover, in this fantastic print which i will use to make something with. not sure what but i think its wonderfully groovy. There are the marbles, and just had to post the bag, while not an op shop purchse, i love so much its worthy of a picture in here.


  1. Love, love, love, that doona cover!!!!!!!

  2. thought you might... its a double doona cover, so loads of material for us all. I would LOVE you to have something to make something gorgeous