Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooler Bag for Tupperware lunch boxes

I must admit, i do like a bit of tupperware. I particularly like these lunch boxes, the ones that have 4 compartments in them so i can pretend that i am organised. I have had these since the kids were very little. One thing i have never had is a small/medium size cooler bag to fit them.
Every one i find is neither long enough, or if it is, it is far too big.

Yesterday, a package arrived in the post of some of that Insulbrite stuff, used to keep stuff hot, or cold, or to use in oven mitts etc... So i grabbed some of the oilcloth that i have, found some binding, and gave it a go.

Was quite happy with the end product, but have decided that it definently needs a zipper, to make the most of the heating/cooling properties of the Insul-brite stuff. Have found one exactly the right length in my mess of a craft box, so it was meant to be. Will do that when the kids go to bed tonight.

It also fits, along with the lunch box, both kids drink bottles in them.

Very happy.... just dont look too close. It has my signature sewing all over it!!!

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