Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ikea, i love you....

For those that know me, and have been to my house,will know, that i have a lot of "stuff". Most of the "stuff" is not necessary, and just seems to go from one room to the other with no real home. This year i have decided to do something about it.

Yesterday Tom and I went to Ikea,. tom into the ball room, and me armed with my list, a pocketful of cash, and a trolley, and off i went.

I ended up with the Expedit unit below, and bought the extra inserts to make doors and drawers.


I walk into the bedroom and just look at it, then go out again . I truly wish i had taken a before photo. It was appauling.

The only downside is that putting Ikea furniture together, by yourself, is hard work. My hands are really hurting. but its all worth the pain for what i ended up with. Of course now im walking round the house trying to decide where else i can put one of these!!!!.

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