Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sewing Surge

Yesterday, when we were leaving Monday Craft, Jo showed me a gorgeous handmade hat that she had bought for her boy. As a lot of handmade things we see, we all thought it was gorgeous, but we all thought, we could probably make that. Most of the time, i dont make them, but today, I thought i would give it a crack.

The material, was a set of curtains, from the op shop, $6. Love the material. Every time i see curtains in an op shop that i love, on further investigation it will be by "Austfield". I have accumulated loads of Austfield material, just waiting for the right project.

my very unwilling model.

My sewing machine is in a bad way at the moment. The pedal is broken, so you have to turn the machine on and off to sew. Tricky,.. also the bit that holds the cotton on, has broken off, so im using an allen key, sticky taped to the back of the machine. Its one of the reasons i havnt sewn much.

I didnt use a pattern, just winged it. Think it worked pretty well. Next time i might even put lining in it.

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