Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday at the Op Shop.

This always happens. I get all enthusastic about this blog and go a bit cray for a bit, then don't post for ages...

anyway today, the boys wanted to buy these frogs.. 6 of them. They are actually mens braces clips. Who would want braces with frogs on them??? i have no idea, but we are going to use them to put on the boys bags so they can attach their hats to them when they are not using them. They like the way the googly eyes google about. They are made of metal too. bargain at $1

THis music below is actually material. Cotton material. 10 freakn metres of the stuff. That is a lot of material. Anyone out there need to make music bags or some music folders?? you are more than welcome to some.

Knex. The boys found this one on the shelf. They love it at Kindy. I love it at $3. Its the second lot of Knex ive found from there. Its going in the cuboard for christmas. THis one is actually two sets put together, as i went through the pieces, and there are twice as many as there should be. Oooh,happy days.

Silver Birkenstocks.. size 32. These are in excellent condition, and are destined to go to a girlfriend with a girl. If not, they are going on Ebay, unless someone else wants them?? they were $3.

and to top it all off, the bag that i got my goodies in was a shopping bag, that someone had sewn a tie on the front to cover the logo.

Ithink its quite nifty. Might have to steal that idea.

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  1. marvellous, I really want to visit pippi's op shop!! Trying to think of the cool things to make from that music note fabric; very cool. $3 for Birko's .. no way!!