Sunday, November 14, 2010

Monday Craft

YAY, monday craft has re-started.

Today, there was not a huge amount of crafting going on. Three of us, plus 5 boys, 5 and under. It was fun.

Jo made some bean bags for her boy to play with. Here my boy is giving them a good workout, and contrary to how this photo looks, it didnt hit him in the head.

Of course, Monday craft would not be complete with some 100% healthy and nutritiously sound food. mmmmm

MMM,.. well, i had to include this one.. Here's me out in the rain, testing out the new wrap skirt, that started its life as a vintage tablecloth..a huge tablecloth, its oh so comfy and just the thing for doing a rain dance.

I might be overweight, but look at those leg muscles!!!!

and here is the end product. An extremely comfy wrap skirt. Thanks Cathy for the tip on how to tie it. Button hole and ribbon working a treat.
How difficult is it to take a photo of yourself wearing a skirt. I tried a zillion times.

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  1. Teatowel skirt is great!!! I'm impressed! nomnom yummy cakes.