Tuesday, November 16, 2010

$47 Dollars. What does that get you at the Op Shop?

Here we go.
1 pair of leather Mary Jane style shoes.
1 Ben Sherman blue top. (its a size small, but i actually wanted it for the buttons on it. It was 2 dollars.
1 CHarlie Brown black and whitedress.
1 x Red skirt, which i want to use the material to make into a sun hat for me.
Some brown grey black and white cotton material to make some sun hats.
2 x sun hats to use as templates to make into hats (can you tell im on a hat craze)
1 pack of kids coathangers
2 packs of self covering buttons.
3 school shirts
7 pairs of school shorts, (i bought one pair from the school clothing pool and it was $20. These are exactly the same!!!!!
a book with loads of pics of Avoca Beach. Just the thing for the Inlaws coffee table.
Grand Total $47.
The feeling that i get from all that thrifting... Priceless.

1 comment:

  1. Well done pips!! great bargain hunting skills at work there.