Monday, January 19, 2009

More things

Today i had a lovely day at the Op shop. Only had one child with me which makes things slightly easier to actually have a good look about. For a grand total of $10, i got.

1 rashie/swim vest for me
1 book for tom which has stencils in it of trucks and diggers, something he is right into at the moment.
a set of summer pajamas for tom
a set of overalls for benny. am so into overalls a the moment.
Mouse trap game
a barrel of monkeys
a hi five dvd
a brown jacket for myself (sort of brown denim) a cooler weather jacket, but lovely.
ummmm oh, and a book for myself.

Yesterday, i also took a huge bag of toys back to the op shop, although i had to tell tom that they were clothes, as he is very possesive of his toys, but will not notice when they are gone. am trying to cut down on the amount of plastic toys the boys have. The difficult thing now is that they are going to see their toys at the op shop and will want to buy them again!

1 comment:

  1. Another good haul, well done!!
    I am on the lookout for vintage sheets/pillowcases in greens and blues if you see any.