Monday, April 6, 2009

Todays Haul

Last week Jo came up to the Op Shop, and we had a lovely time,.. a bit frantic as it seems everyone decided to go to the shop at the same time, and there were definently more kids than adults. Nevertheless, Jo got some wonderful bargains. I did too, but i truly cannot remember what they were ! thats what happens when you get bargains everyday.

Today i bought three things. This wonderful pink jacket, $5 which looks really good on, if i say so myself. A pair of shorts for training in and then...

I bought this quilt. I saw it outside the op shop yesterday, where someone had donated it, and thought at the time what a lovely hand made quilt but decided that i didnt need it, which i dont.

All yesterday i couldnt stop thinking about this quilt and how someones nanna had made it and all the love that had gone into it. It is worn, and has been washed many times, but i think its lovely. Jo i bought it with you in mind, so if you would like it, its yours. If you dont, do not worry, i have a few friends who saw me buying it at the op shop, and are very keen to have it themselves.


  1. It is beautiful!! I would love it if you are happy to part with it. It is so sad when you see such lovely handmade things that have been given away, but good for us I s'spose.

  2. Hello...I've just started an Online Op Shop where all the profits go to NZ Op Shops - just wondered, as you ARE the Op Shop queen! What you think of it...bear in mind I have only had it running a couple of weeks.