Monday, July 13, 2009

Putting it out there!

Yesterday i was at the op shop and i asked the girls there if there were any suitcases. I need one to take to the snow with our ski gear in it. I wasnt concerned with the condition as they are to go in the back of the ute, and will get thrown about a bit.

Today i go to the op shop, and what do you know, not one, but two suitcases, so perfect for what i needed. $3 each.

also while i was there, i got a teletubbies and a Kipper video, benny being really into teletubbies, and tom liking Kipper,.. 50c each. A bath mat, $2 perhaps from memory, and a long sleeved collared shirt for $2.

also with the material that i bought from the Salvos a few weeks ago, so far i have lined a bag with it, made a skirt, and then this headband, which is permanently on my head at the moment. obviously my hair needs a trim if its annoying me. I just love these colours.

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