Tuesday, July 7, 2009

what ive been up to

Its been nearly a month since ive updated my blog.

I have been a bit sidetracked with crafting lately, particularly with Jo starting up Monday Craft again. My rules for crafting are though that i cant buy any material new, not that i could afford it anyway, but all material has to come from either the op shop or from existing material that i have.

Tom is desperate for a camera, so he decided to make one! It even has a slot for a memory card

I wish i had taken a picture of the shirt before i chopped it up, but here are the pants that i am making. The material flower things were on the front of the shirt, and i just cut them off, and re=sewed them on.

Cute eh

and here is tom with his Blues Clues apron he was deseperate to make, and the baking that followed.

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  1. Those pants look great, so does Tom in his apron.