Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A bit of Ikea loving

today, my monday craft girls and myself ventured out to Ikea to buy some material. As you know i have an issue with buying material from the regular material shops, as any material that i like usually costs close to $30 a metre. Ikea, between $5 -$10 metre, and its super wide.
It was good fun, and the boys had a great time, andwere very well behaved, well as well behaved as two small kids can be in Ikea.


  1. I trek out to IKEA purely to look at the fabric. I went last week though and I swear they have changed the composition of their fabric. It used to be really stiff, rough cotton (and I loved the feel of it), but now it feels shinier and thinner. They say it is still cotton and I really hope it is...

  2. there were two types...the thick, stiff and rough stuff, then there was the much thinner cotton stuff. the rough stuff definently was not shiny.... am making a bag, and it quite happily stands up by itself with no interfacing..