Monday, September 28, 2009


My mega press setter... any one needs some press studs put in?

My Peter AlexanderSheet
My cot sheet i bought today which i am going to make into another top soaking, of course i didnt think to take a picture till it was already in the nappysan....

Things have been quiet on the Op Shop side of things. Not because there hasnt been things to buy, but more because i have been busy. Busy doing what im not sure, just busy being me. To think of all the bargains that i have missed!
Anyhow,yesterday i went to craft day, and finished my top that i had been making and wore it yesterday. I want to wear it today but its too cold, but was very happy to hear that tomorrow is going to be hot, so it will get another outing.

Today at the op shop i bought, what i thought was a doona cover, but its a queen sheet, but it turns out to be a Peter Alexander sheet, so am going to buy some white, or dark blue sheeting material and turn it into a doona cover.

Did i mention that i bought myself a press setter. It was cheap, and silly me was checking the letterbox each day for it. I laughed when it arrived... It weighs more than 15kgs, and is very large, but boy does it put in press studs super fast. Now to think of all those things that i can make that have presses on them... oh the possibilities.... i also bought some bamboo material and some PUL and have made tom a night nappy as he wants one that can be put in the wash and used again. Who am i to argue


  1. I always wondered how press studs were put in :) Now I know!

  2. Can't wait to see it in action!!

  3. this is a record, two replies in one post. How exciting.