Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boxy Bags

The house was tidy!!! the kids were asleep, and the husband was out. The TV was off, there was a free dining room table, and the sewing machine was easy to get to. It was meant to be.
I found a tutorial here for these cute and very very ver fast to make bags. They are not lined, and take about 10 mins to make. In the tutorial they pfaff about with sewing the corners, but as you will know thats not me, so i just did it without anyof that and they came out fine. I think next time i will put a lining in them,but they are oh so cute, and it means that i could buy some nice material and get heaps of them out of 1/2 metre.
This blog has been on a bit of a sewing/crafting bend of late. Well, the material still is all from the Op shop,.. and so are the zippers actually, so i think working it out, these bags cost about 50c each to make.! I love it.

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